Elemental Equine Services

Satisfied Client Testimonials

 “My mare fell in the pasture on ice and did significant soft tissue damage to the inside of  her right hind leg.  After the pain and swelling went mostly away, she was still very uncomfortable and moved awkwardly.

The benefits of Amber’s work on my injured mare were seen immediately, by myself and the barn manager.  Her movement and comfort level improved dramatically and I think the releases in her body allowed her healing to continue at a better pace.  I have had Amber work on her periodically since then as part of my ‘routine’ to keep my mare feeling her best.”              
-Sheri Pederson and Katie



"My horses’ first experience with Amber was on a very cold day in January 2008.  When I went to get him out of the paddock, the windchill was nearing -40 below.  Needless to say he was not happy about leaving the shed.  My horse and I had been having issues with “going forward” for some time, and had heard about Amber from a friend.  I figured that at almost 22 years old, my horse could use all the support he could get and decided to give Amber a try.

The next time I rode him, I was amazed.  We started a bit slowly, he seemed uncertain about this “new feel” in his body.  But from that time on, I have not had the “I can’t go forward” issue again.  He appears to be much more comfortable in the work we are doing (low level dressage) and is once again my happy, willing partner. 

Amber gets a very high recommendation from me and my horse!"

-Susan Montgomery and PacMan




"Thank you, Amber for your help at the ride this last weekend.  Shiksa would have never made it through the 100 without your help.  I appreciate you taking the time to treat her during our hold.  She moved so much better when we got out on the trail, she was like a whole new horse!"

Thanks Again - Roxi Welling (Run for the Border, 2007)